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Workwear solutions

Since our creation in 1994, we at Seana Textil have become one of the leading import and export companies in the workwear industry in Spain. We focus on business excellence, continual improvement of our processes and professionalism and drive of our teams; all with the aim of maintaining the reputation of our firm as a guarantee of the best service for clients.

One of our standard procedures is to give each client individual attention, looking after their interests and maintaining a relationship of mutual trust.

We have a rigorous quality control system in place, right from choosing the materials to the delivery of the finished product, meaning our clients benefit from an excellent service at a truly competitive price.

Looking towards the future and securing our place in the market, we have recently expanded our premises, investing in a new industrial wing. This allows us to make our logistic services more effective and therefore meet the growing demand of the modern market.

Our design team can create personalised collections, which are adapted to the client’s specific needs.

Our experience means that we can easily adapt to the needs of every professional sector. This means that our design team can create personalised collections which are specially adapted to the specific requirements of the client.

At Seana Textil, one of our standard procedures is to give each and every client our upmost attention, providing them with an outstanding service and ensuring their needs are met so that we are able to maintain a long-term collaborative relationship which is built on trust.


The faces of Seana Textil

  • Josep Mª Serrano
    Sales Director
  • Santi Salvador
    HR Manager
  • Gemma Davi
    Gemma Daví
    Customer Service
  • Montse López
    Montse López
    Customer Service
  • Dolors Mora
    Dolors Mora
    Customer Service
  • Andreu Ferrandiz
    Andreu Ferrandiz
    Order Preparation
  • Montse Visiedo
    Order Preparation
  • Ferran Ruiz
    Ferran Ruiz
    Order Preparation
  • Trini Ayala
    Order Preparation
  • Albert Romero
  • Montse Pastor
    Montse Pastor
    Accounting and Finance
  • Jordi Calvo
    Jordi Calvo
    Purchasing Director
  • Jose Antonio Fuentes
    Commercial Agent
  • Pedro Romero
    Commercial Agent
  • Angel Palacio
    Commercial Agent