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Launch of new business website:

Estrenamos nueva página web corporativa:

At Seana Textil, we know that in order to provide you with the best possible service, it’s vital to have clear and quick communication with you. That’s why we redesigned our web, going for a more user-friendly interface which is more accessible, complete and intuitive to use. It’s a virtual space which brings us closer to you and allows us to offer you exactly what you need.

We welcome you through this channel and open the doors of Seana Textil to you.

As we are well aware that the online catalogue is the cornerstone of our web, we’ve given it a huge overhaul, making improvements to make it quicker and easier to use. The most important is the addition of a double filter to help you find the exact product you’re looking for in a much more effective way.

This system has a primary filter which selects different variables about the product  (Garment type/Size/Colour/Material) and a second filter with product types (All/Basic/Trades/Technical//High Visibility).

Choosing options from both filters at the same time means they are combined during the search and give you much more precise results. You only see what you’re really looking for.

We have also improved our product information sheets. Here we offer you in a more organised way all the information about the garments including the options available, such as the different colours that are available or the available products which complement them.

Further to our improved catalogue, we also want to highlight the following sections:

Personalised design. This is where we give detailed information about this service, which consists of garment personalisation so that they adapt to your brand image completely.

Thanks to our own design team we can offer you both more complex personalizations, such as creating personalised and exclusive collections at a very competitive price or creating prototypes with the patterns most suitable for your needs, as well as more basic personalizations, such as stamping garments with a logo.

In our News section, we’ll regularly post the latest news about Seana Textil and our sector. And so that you don’t miss anything and can always be up-to-date, we also offer you the chance to sign up for our newsletter (you’ll find the form on the Home page of our site). This way all news will get to you as soon as it’s published, right into your email inbox.

The Seana Textil section is where you’ll be able to put faces to the names of the people who work for you. And there’s also direct access to be able to easily communicate with the Seana Textil staff that is best suited to help you based on your needs.

Finally, we’d like to highlight the development of the Members Area for our clients. We have create this secure space as a meeting point where we can share documentation and information with you and where you can download information or consult directly online.

We hope that all of these improvements help you to simplify and speed up whatever you do on our web. And of course, if you need us to assist you or answer any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, either through the web form, by phone, or pop in and see us. We’d love to talk to you and be able to help you.

At Seana Textil, we want to work with you.